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Organization and management of digital assets

Does your company have a unique repository, in which documents, images, videos, digital files in different formats are kept, organized and easily located?

If your answer is no, can you imagine how much time, money, quality and productivity are wasted when you can’t find a file at the right time? Worst than that, have you ever calculated the redo impact, partial or complete, of what was already done?

The RDP DAM (Digital Assets Manager) mission is a centralized and collaborative management of a collection of digital content, in multiple formats, that allows:

rdp-dam-exemplo 1.png
  • Unlimited  content storage, compatible with all formats;

  • Labeling content based on diverse parameters and taxonomic structures;


  • Define collaborative workflows in which different areas/professionals perform specific tasks, based on their respective responsibilities. For example, it is possible to define who is responsible for the copy, who is responsible for the design, who edits and who publishes in an authoring workflow of a presentation, besides the defined order for these tasks to be executed.


  • Automatically scam extensive content, like hundred pages of documents or videos over one hour long by artificial intelligence mechanisms. The file’s content gains a semantic meaning, that is susceptible to provide feedback to search context according to adherence and relevance. In other words, the RDP DAM is capable of watching your videos and reading your files to help you to locate what you search for when you need it.

  • Share content in other settings, like sites, portals, social media etc;


  • Control copyrights and licenses to third-party content.

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