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Digital Pages

Digital Pages is Brazil’s pioneer and the most specialized organization solution provider, creation, enrichment and distribution of digital content. Since 1999, it promotes Research and Development, integrating the expectations and needs of millions of users that are connected to the platform, for any reason.


Accessible through smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs and VR headsets, the RDP (Rich Digital Pages) platform allows the organization to create and consume multiple types of content formats, like documents, catalogs, videos, multimedia compositions, games and immersive experiences of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

The Digital Pages solution users are engaged by sensorial stimulated enriched content and interactivity – independently if they are subscribers to media outlets, retail clients, students or corporate or industrial professionals.

With hundreds of projects implemented and millions of users attending in more than 20 years, we anticipated technological revolutions and supported big organization's digital transformation processes. We digitized newspapers and magazines when paper pages were a sign of comfort. We developed mobile apps when the main purpose of a phone was making calls. And, today, we bring high impact innovation in immersive projects that mix the reality that we know with virtual and holographic elements.

Youssef Mourad

CEO at Digital Pages

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