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Creation and content enrichment

Do you believe that professional content is an artist thing? Do you also think that good interaction and good usability in multiple devices depend only on programming?

The RDP Composer answer is “no” and “no”! With the Composer, it is quick and easy to create multimedia compositions, highly stimulating, without any kind of technical requirement. Through its simple and intuitive interface, it is possible to arrange text and images, videos, quizzes, and other different features very easily. The result, besides attracting and withholding the consumer’s attention, works with any type of device, on-line and off-line.

Watch the video with some of the many possibilities that RDP Composer can offer:

If you prefer using documents, books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, or any type of existing PDF publication, to create an interactive experience, the RDP Editor allows that static content, to be printed, be enriched with multimedia and interactive elements. Watch the video with examples.

Besides offering the RDP Composer and RDP Editor for auto service, Digital Pages also offers consulting and content production services through DPContent, a factory of highly specialized digital narratives, for a variety of purposes. Via the RPD platform, DPContent also has a multifaceted team that is capable of addressing any project, with the most diverse contexts, like communication, sales, entertainment and education. Watch the video for examples.

Undergraduate and Graduate Subjects Grupo Ser Educacional:

Seara Sales Force Training:

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